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Don’t forget that he’s a person. Don’t forget he grew up in a house with his family, just like you. Or maybe he didn’t. Maybe his parents were divorced. Maybe he lived with his grandparents. Don’t forget that.┬áDon’t forget he has other people in his life. Sometimes he’ll go places and you won’t be invited. Don’t forget that that’s ok.

Don’t forget that he’s done things; he’s lived. Don’t forget that he has dreams. Don’t forget that he has nightmares, like you. Don’t forget that he falls asleep each night, and wakes up again each morning, and all the while he was breathing: in and out, in and out.

Don’t forget he has feelings. Don’t forget he gets sad – truly sad, like you sometimes. Think more of him than just a person you can smile at. Don’t think that he’ll willingly hold all of your scars and secrets inside of him. Don’t think you own him because you’ve been in his Facebook profile picture for six months. Don’t forget he’s his own person.