what’s luck got to do, got to do with it?

“She’s so lucky!”

“You won the lottery? You’re a jabillionare?! Luck must be on your side!”

“God, Justin Bieber sucks. I am the best singer on the planet, why did I not get that lucky?”

Do you believe in luck?

I don’t.

Sure, things happen to people. These things might be really great or really horrible. But there was no deciding force that caused it to happen. Not luck, anyway.

So you know that band you really like? Those four/five/seven people that get to tour the world doing what they love? They aren’t lucky.

You know that girl, that has that really cool job – a job you sort of wish that you had? She’s not lucky.

You know that guy that just won like 300 million dollars because he played the lottery? Not. Lucky.

“Luck” is just another word we use to describe things that happen in our world. Maybe you see someone doing something really awesome, and you say, “Wow, look how lucky they are to have that opportunity!” Maybe a tree falls on your house, and it’s easier to say, “What bad luck!” than it is to have nothing to blame it on at all.

But that girl didn’t get that job because she’s lucky. She probably worked hard to get there. Or maybe her dad was friends with the person that owns the company.

That guy didn’t win a semi-truck full of cash because he was lucky. He walked into a gas station. He bought a lottery ticket.

Things are going to happen to you in your life time. Maybe they will be bad. Maybe life will be rough and you’ll want to blame it all on bad luck. Maybe things will be wonderful. And if they are, it won’t be because of luck. It’ll be because you chose to do something. Or because someone chose it for you, because you were the best choice.

You have to make things happen. You have to make your own “luck”.

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  1. I agree with you. We make our own “luck.” Many great achievers and thinkers say “you can if u think u can.” I have found many times that this is true. If we really believe, it opens doors for us.


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