let’s make things

I have this never-ending desire to make things. To create.

It’s annoying.

I feel so much bigger than who I am. I am pulled to become this person. The person I want to become is a creator.

Not just blog posts, or poetry. Not just weird online videos. I want to be a part of something. Community. I want to hang out with amazing creative, talented people and create together. (Do I sound crazy right now? Have you stopped reading already?)

The Oscars were on tonight. Or the Academy Awards? I don’t get why the same show has two different names (couldn’t they decide?), but whatever. We just go with it, don’t we?

I tried my best to avoid that whole thing. I really did. I napped through the first half (and unfortunately was rudely awoken) and dodged the downstairs T.V. and twitter long enough (WHY is that show so long, anyway?!) to only catch the gist of it.

On the surface, the oscars (academy awards? whatever, just go with it) is a lot of over-paid celebrities in overly-expensive dresses (slash suits) being really funny (trying) in front of a camera while a whole lot of “regular” people watch from their living rooms. It’s glitzy, and pretty, and it gives people a lot to talk about (I guess? I MEAN DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE WAS WEARING?).

But, I think underneath all of that (you have to dig real far down) are really awesome people (for the most part) who are talented and creative and, um, awesome. (Or so we are led to believe. You have to be all of those things to get into show biz, right? Sign me up.)

So, although I despise the oscars/academy awards for what they seem to be on the surface (and what people watch the show for), I love what it’s meant to be about. I love all of the directors, photographers, screen play writers, etc., who we usually don’t get to see, pop up on our televisions in their lovely suits with their lovely selves and take home little statues of shiny gold naked men. Er, I mean, I love that we pay tribute to these people. The masterminds of creativity on this planet! Right?

That’s what I want to be a part of. The masterminding. (Sounds like a good Sci-fi flick. BRB! gotta get writing…) Not the showy part. Not the part that “regular” people watch for. I want to be a part of the group that makes the stuff. Not the people watching from their living room couches/chairs while wearing fancy clothes.

So, who’s in? Who wants to hang out and make stuff? Coffee? Anyone?

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