looking into infinity, Hey Infinity #1

There are a lot of reasons why I hate math: my brain doesn’t like it, sometimes you have to use protractors, .999 is equal to 1, eraser crumbs tend to cover everything, and, infinity.
I’m just not a math person. Math people scare me.

Anyway, infinity, right? I named my website after infinity. Which seems weird. Both the name, and the fact that I have a website. I’ve been using the internet since I was a tiny child back in like 1996 and I never thought I would have a website (of my very own!). I guess it’s really not that impressive. But, hey, whatever.

Infinity. Something that goes on forever and never ends. Possibly like the universe. Which is a fact I like to boggle my own mind with whilst staring blankly at something nearby.

We live in a world where we understand infinity. We can grasp the concept that something can go on forever (like .999 repeating – ew, or the universe – sweet) and ever and ever and ever…

The internet sort of seems infinite. I’ve never found the end of it, and with the amount of time I’ve spent online in the past 15  years, one would think that I would have at least come close. Sure, I’ve strayed onto 404 pages and old dusty 90’s sites, but there seems to be no end of it. No edge. Also, it keeps expanding. I’ve helped it along now, with the addition of this site (you’re welcome).

So we understand this crazy amazing concept. “Infinity” is just hanging out with us… as we drive around in our cars, rush to work, concern ourselves with politics and eating and human rights and divorce court and clean water and reality television and ridiculously priced shoes. We can even look up, at night, if we leave the bright lights of the city, and stare up into the infinity we’re surrounded by; in.
Yet, we brush it off. We let those NASA guys worry about what’s out there. We let those (weird) mathematicians study their never-ending numbers. We buy shoes.

I start websites.

I’m not brushing off infinity, though. (Even if I don’t believe in it entirely.) I think it’s amazing. I think a lot of things that we are surrounded by, that we’re in, are amazing: blogs, and scientists, and shoes, large buildings, tall british guys, and, ok, yes, even math.

So, here is my website. A tiny speck in the infinite. Just like you. Isn’t it all just amazing?

  1. oypop said:

    Wow! You have really thought about what to name your blog 🙂
    since you are afraid of maths people, I should take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about infinity? 😛

    well, if you were a parrot, your infinity would start from human number 7. Parrots can count only up to 6 – or that’s what scientists who study parrots can count up to 😀


  2. Love it! I am also not a fan of the maths by any stretch. And if by “tall British guys” you mean Benedict Cumberbatch, I’m with you there too. But only when he’s dressed as Sherlock. I’m particular that way. 🙂


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